It’s coming along.

I’ve been pushing myself to write more than my max amount of words per day that I wrote for Alex’s and Christie’s book, so this new book is coming together a lot faster. Tonight I hit 10k words, which makes me very happy. However, I’m taking a break from Dyalessia Games and working on a different character and setting, one that is more urban/supernatural fantasy/romance.

That said, I have a few paragraphs written for a second book for Dyalessia Games even if that second book isn’t my current project. This second book will be about Bess, some of her adventures in growing up, and how she met Mira.

So the woman of Dyalessia will return.

I even have some thoughts that I haven’t written down yet and they’re for Melody’s story as well as some ideas for Sunny’s story even if those two books aren’t written and published right away.

That’s my weekly update for this week. I’ll be back next week with another update.


Finished and published my first novel.

I should have written more entries in this journal over the past few months but instead I spent my time working on my first novel. Last night I finished the last bit of editing and a few other things to get it ready to publish and once all those problems were fixed, I uploaded it to Amazon.

Even though that first novel was finished a few days ago, for the most part, I’ve been plugging away at my second one. This novel is different than my first one because it’s more of a urban fantasy instead of a romance.

Much like most urban fantasy, this setting has magic, deities, beings from our legends and stories, and the world as we know it is different and changed because of the myths and legends turning out to be real.

The main character is a hacker and she has been fun to write because of her attitude and personality.