Unknown Peace

Welcome to the Town of Unknown.

Isabella eased into her role of a leader of a pack of werewolves. She wanted to learn more about how magic changed the world around her, causing her to think about leaving her hometown for a brief time. It wasn’t long before Isabella and her friends involved in themselves in helping Rieka with the feral werewolves who threatened her pack.

Cassidy learned more about herself as she enjoyed being a werewolf. Her understanding of how her world changed the longer she lived through how magic transformed everything. It helped her former rival was her pack leader, and Isabella kept them safe. Her eagerness to leave the Town of Unknown to experience more of the world made her agree to journey with her friends and Ferno. Her shock at having adopted dragon daughter eased as time passed, making her enjoy spending time with Ferno.

David joined Isabella and Cassidy, knowing they’d need his medical knowledge. His wolf continued his physical and mental transformations, blending him into something he never expected. Ferno’s interest in him helped overcome his feeling about what happened to him.

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