Rain waited a decade to reach the age where her family would let her live on her own. With today being her birthday and having reached twenty years old, the water witch arrived in Rochester. It was the first time she was on her own in the city, and she was looking for a house she could make into a home for herself, and for anyone else who might live with her.

Like her cousin Felia, the water witch knew she was different compared to the rest of the witches, dryads, shapeshifters, and others who were members of their family. Ever since she was eight years old, she knew how she didn’t fit in with the rest of her family. Living in Rochester, she hoped she could find like-minded friends and a mate.

Yuki has been living in Rochester for a while, but the fire magi who can also shape shift into a fox doesn’t remember how or why she came to the city. Living in the house she found when she sought a place to live, she’s been happy with being able to live alone. Also, she enjoyed the time she spent with her friend who lived in the park close to the house and near the shore of Lake Ontario.

All this changed the day when she realized she was forced to live with the water witch and how Rain wanted to repair the house once the water witch moved in.

To add to the problems of learning to live with one another, Izzy becomes involved in the lives of the water witch and fire magi when she arrives in Rochester to follow through on the being hired to capture or kill Yuki.

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