March 29th, 2020…

Sunday means another writing update.

Last week I mentioned what’s happening in New York. There’s now 200+ cases compared to the 100 from last week. We’ve had our sixth death today. If you’re not aware of what’s happening around NYC, well… it’s a mess. Sigh. April is going to be the month when things turn worse. We’re about two weeks from reaching peak, so I’m concerned how bad its going to be upstate.

Bess’ and Mira’s story is coming along. I’ve reached 26,000 words in it. I plan to add another 15,000 to 20,000. I’m still ahead of my schedule. As for the word count this week, I added 5,600 words.

I plan to return to my other stories in April… if things work out. I’ll have to see.

I uploaded my tenth video on my Youtube channel. Most of what I talked about on there is the same as what I did here.

Gaming news. Borderlands 3. Since they released a new level limit cap and the second download content, I’ve been playing Amara again. I’m going to return to playing Fl4k soon. I gave in and ordered Animal Crossing, which should arrive this upcoming week. I started another jigsaw puzzle and been posting pictures of it on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Reading for the week:

1) Missy Goes to Hong Kong by P. G. Allison is book eight of her Missy the Werecat series.
2) Before You Say I Do by Clare Lydon.
3) Wonder by Susan X Meagher is book twenty-three in her I Found My Heart in San Francisco series.
4) Wisteria Woven by Angela Pepper is book eleven of her Wisteria Witches series.
5) Balancing the Scales by Annie Bellet is book ten in her The Twenty-Sided Sorceress series.
6) Smoke Bitten by Patricia Briggs is book twelve in her Mercy Thompson series.

March 22nd, 2020…

Another weekend.

Its time. I need to add something about the situation in New York. I know things in NYC are not going well, but the spread upstate continues. We might reach 100 cases tomorrow. 300 are in isolation. Groceries stores are still sold out of rice, noodles, soap, and many other items. This has been going on for two or three weeks now. Sure, these items are restricted to one per person, but the shelves are still empty. I know, I went to the store before posting this. Yesterday, I went to BJ’s and the same items are gone.

As for book news. I’m at 20k words in Bess’ and Mira’s new story. I added 5,400 words to it this week. I have the rest of the month and April to finish it. I’m thinking I’ll be done mid-April.

I plan on working on part four of Cleo & Petra’s story. And part three of Crimson Rose. As for the next novel, I’m not sure. Maybe I’ll return to Ellyville to write book three, which means I can make a trilogy. Or work on part two of Acinonyx. I’ll figure it out. I have the suggested edits for part two of Crimson Rose, which I plan on going through this week or delving into next weekend.

I uploaded my ninth video on my Youtube channel. Most of what I talked about on there is the same as what I did here.

Gaming news. Borderlands 3. I’m still playing Fl4k. I’m finished with the first play through. I also played more of Diablo 3. I started another jigsaw puzzle this week.

Reading for the week:

1) The Shadow Queen by Anne Bishop is book seven of her Black Jewels series.
2) Shalador’s Lady by Anne Bishop is book eight of her Black Jewels series.
3) Twilight’s Dawn by Anne Bishop is book nine of her Black Jewels series.
4) The Queen’s Bargain by Anne Bishop is book ten of her Black Jewels series. 
5) Wicked Reunion by Lily Harper Hart is book sixteen of her Ivy Morgan series. 
6) Transformations: Return to Sinful Suburbia by Wayne and Ann Triskelion is book eight of their Transformations series.
7) Luck of the Mackays by Kate Danley is book six of her Holiday Specials short stories.

March 15th, 2020…

Update time!

Tonight I plan on publishing Cleo’s and Petra’s new short story. The first story for Crimson Rose has been updated with the suggestions an editor made. They also have part two.

I’ve hit 15,000 words in Bess’ and Mira’s next story. This novel is coming together. I should have it finished in April. I hope the editor has time to look it over before I publish it in May. This week I added 5,100 words to it.

I uploaded my eighth video on my Youtube channel. It’s a short video this week because there’s not much to talk about.

Gaming news. Borderlands 3. I’m still playing Fl4k. I’m almost finished with the first play through. I also plan to start another jigsaw puzzle this week, if I find the time.

Reading for the week:

Honor Lost by Rachel Caine & Ann Aguirre is book three of their Honors series.
The Marriage Contract by Kim Hartfield.
To The Moon and Back by Melissa Brayden.
New Media & Old Grudges by Amanda M. Lee is book sixteen of her Avery Shaw series.

March 8th, 2020…

Another weekend, another update.

I finished the second story in Crimson Rose. Self edited it. Printed. Gave to my reader. Sent to the editor. It’s on track for my April release.

Petra and Wren pestered me this week, so I started their new short story for Cleo and Petra. This will be story four. I was going to release story three today, but I’m holding off to see if the editor can squeeze it in and send it back to me by next weekend.

Bess’s and Mira’s novel is at 10k words. I added enough words to hit this goal. So yay! I’m working on more of this over the next two months.

Another new story idea came to be the other day. I wrote about it on Twitter and Facebook. I’m not sure when/if I’ll get time to work on this, but I’ll see what happens during the year or next year.

I uploaded my seventh video on my Youtube channel. Most of what I talked about this week is my adventures in editing.

Gaming news. Borderlands 3. I’m still playing Fl4k. I’m getting close to the finishing my first play through. This isn’t gaming news, but I finished one of the jigsaw puzzles I got a few Christmas’ ago. I’ve posted the pictures of the dragon puzzle on my Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram if anyone is interested.

Reading for the week:

The Bridge: Krynn by Erik Schubach is book four of his The Bridge series. 
Uprooting by Suzie Carr.
Half Light by Matt Doyle is book five of his Cassie Tam Files series. 
Two Hearts Together by Harper Bliss is the second short story of her Two Hearts Trilogy.


All right, I feel I should write another weekend post. So, here it is.

I’m working on selecting a new editor for my stories, one willing to help improve the stories I’ve written in the past two years, and do the same for future stories. This time I’m taking my time selecting someone. I want to make sure we work well together. I should make a decision by next weekend, depending on how early my requests are answered.

Okay. This is all I have to say until I know more about my plans. I also talked about this tonight on my Youtube channel. Plus, in the video I mention the changes I plan on making for the prices of my stories once I work with someone to improve my stories beyond my self editing and having a reader look them over.