Bess and Mira.

It’s been about two weeks since I’ve written an update on what I’m working on. Currently, Bess’s and Mira’s story is coming together, and I have about 16,000 words done for it. As usual, I plan to try to reach 50,000 words, so I expect that their story will be complete sometime in November.


Writing, and working.

With my 10,000 word short story completed, I’m back working on Bess’s and Mira’s story for Dyalessia Games. So far, I have 3,000 words written for the second book, and I hope to get it published sometime in November.

The shorter story that I’ve completed isn’t something that I’m going to publish until October, because it ties in with book two of Bastet’s Daughters, and that second book I haven’t even started yet, even though I have some ideas on what I want to include in it.

I should have posted this over the weekend, but time slipped away from me. So, I posted this today instead. It probably will be my last post for awhile, since I’ll be busy writing instead. At least, until I know how far I’ve gotten on Bess’s and Mira’s book.

My error (Table of Contents)

I apologize to everyone, I thought that my Table of Contents in my two books worked the way that they were supposed to, but it turns out that I was mistaken. So my apologies for not realizing that the links were not working. However, I have fixed both of the TOCs, so now they should work the way they are supposed to in a Ereader. They did work in my .doc file, but not in the Ereader file.

Sorry again!

Done, done, done.

I didn’t post a word count update last week because I was working on getting the rest of the manuscript written. Now that I finished that tonight, I’ll work on editing everything over the weekend, and publish this urban fantasy/romance next week.

Then I have to finish the shorter tale that I started, which is set in the same world as the one that I just finished. I hope to get that tale published in a week or two, since it’s half written, and less words.

After that, it’s back to Dyalessia Games for Bess’s and Mira’s book, allowing me to write a more light-hearted book compared to the urban fantasy one.