The Acinonyx


For years, Captain Chloe dreamed of leaving the planet and exploring the solar system. When the world settled after the changes during The Event, she settled in Roswell, New Mexico. Working with those who survived in this part of the country, the captain of the Acinonyx completed her dream when she built a military base and gathered those who protected it. Working with those who settled outside Roswell, they designed and built the ship. As the ship became a reality, she gathered those who wanted to leave the planet with her.

Harperia is one of those who joined Captain Chloe at the military base. She’s the commander of the troops who she trained, and who protected the crew aboard the Acinonyx. Having secrets of her own, no one on the ship knows she’s a worshiper of Eris. Following the orders of the Greek goddess, Harperia works to remove Chloe from the captain of the ship.

Sabrina is the leader of the doctors aboard the ship. She journeyed across the country to reach the military base. Working with the other doctors in the medical bay, she keeps the crew of the Acinonyx from dying from the injuries they have as the crew explores the solar system and outer space once they leave the known system behind.

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