Part One


When May received an advertisement for Crimson Rose, she wasn’t sure if she wanted to visit the adult club found outside her hometown. After thinking about it, May decided she wanted to experience the different events and pleasures found at Crimson Rose. Plus, she needed a place where she’d be able to get relief from the stress of running her accounting business. She didn’t know how her life would change after she visited Crimson Rose but she was eager to learn.

Catherine has been a member of Crimson Rose after she visited it for the first time. Having met May when May visited the club for the first time, Catherine decided she wanted to teach May what it meant to be a member of Crimson Rose. Catherine has enjoyed this role after she agreed to having Mistress Brianna be the one to teach her. Now, it was Catherine’s turn to work with May.

The longer the two spent time together, the more their feelings for each other strengthened. As they followed the roles they agreed upon when both understand what they’re getting into at the lifestyle found at Crimson Rose, May’s and Catherine’s feelings for each other strengthened.

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