Elly of Ellyville Returns Again

Elly returns!

Elly hunts for the secret organization spreading chaos throughout Ellyville. Working with Rylee, Skylar, and Kasumi, the four fight to end the threat.

The first battle happens at the drive-in, and their adventures escalate from there. Elly finds herself drawn into the alternate realities. Portals need closed. Meeting the Skylar who came from another version of Ellyville and the evil version of Elly is inevitable.

The relationships between Elly and Rylee deepen, as does Skylar’s and Kasumi’s.

Will Elly and her companions protect Ellyville? Will they allow Skylar and Evil Elly access to their reality? What happens with Captain Kansas when the four interrogate the police captain about being a member of the secret organization? These questions and other surprises are revealed in this installment of Elly of Ellyville.

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