Dyalessia Games/Friends

Alexandria Smithsonian Johnson: Golden blond. Long hair to her shoulders. Robin cuts her hair into a shag. Blue eyed. Pale skinned. Has a sunflower tattoo on her leg. A brown fuzzy teddy bear on her ankle. Owner of Dyalessia Games. Younger sister to Melody. Former lover to Bess. Best friend to Bess. Lover to Christie. Daughter of Rebecca and Henry. Nicknames include Alex, Allie, Chitter, and Lexie. Plays a human scholar in the World of Dyalessia.

Melody Louvre Johnson: Golden blond. Blue eyed. Pale skinned. Owner of Dyalessia Games. Older sister to Alexandria. Friend to Bess. Lover to Sarah. Sarah calls her Meli. Daughter of Rebecca and Henry. Nicknames include Mel and Mellie. Lover to Sarah. Plays a cat character in the World of Dyalessia. Orange-red fur and eyes which were wider and more of a mix of yellow and orange. It’s tail is long and comes a point. The player versus player zones are ones she created and enjoys.

Bess Dyson: Brown haired. Dyes it black. Owner of Dyalessia Games. Former lover to Alexandria. Best friend to Alexandria. Daughter of Michael. Mother is deceased. Lover to Mira. Nicknames include Bessie. Goth. Black or other dark colored tee-shirts which had a saying, an image, or a design related to technology, reading, science, artists, or other geeky pursuits. Tight jeans with slashes or holes Bess ripped into them. Prefers to wear combat boots. Mira’s wife.

Christie: Brown haired. Cuts her hair into a reverse bob. Brown eyed. Lover of Alexandria. Roommate to Sunny. Nicknames include Ristie. She wears a collection of tee-shirts. One has an image of a twenty-sided die on it which rolled a one and the words, “Epic Fail” across the top. Another has Pac-Man on the front. A third is blue and had an image of the Tardis from Doctor Who on the front. A fourth has the image of a three-image panel on “How to Kill a Zombie” on the front of the gray shirt. A fifth with the image of a game controller in rainbow colors plastered on the front. “Gaymer” was the only word placed above the game controller. Dresses as a gypsy at the ren faire.

Sunny: Has her brown hair in dreadlocks to her back. Grey eyed. Roommate to Christie. Former lover to Alexandria. Claims she can speak to the dead. Hippie. Jeans which had their knees torn out and has holes in other parts. Wears shirts which are losing their threads and have holes in the material. Dresses as a gypsy at the ren faire and when giving readings at other places around Rochester.

Sarah: Short. Five feet. Black-haired Asian. Brown eyed. Owner of Night Readers, the bookstore/café across the street from Dyalessia Games. Uniform at Night Readers is a black shirt and jeans. The shirt has color on it because of the large decal of an open book on the front of it which was blood red and dripping drops of blood from the book. Across the open pages of the book was the name of Sarah’s bookstore, in the same bright crimson color. Lover to Melody. Best friends with Zoey. Plays a cat character in the World of Dyalessia. It’s a panther type. Sketches to pass the time.

Mira Donnally: Bess’s wife. Owns a art gallery in New York City. Has the nickname of Mir Mir. Mira plays a short human warrior in the World of Dyalessia. Enjoys listening to jazz. Mira drinks whiskey when at Cobalt Dreams and other jazz clubs.

Michael Dyson: Bess’ father. Professor of computers at Rochester Institute of Technology.

Henry Johnson: Melody’s and Alexandria’s father.

Rebecca Johnson: Melody’s and Alexandria’s mother.

Unnamed: Sunny’s brother.

Juliana Hazelwood: One of Alex’s dates.

Olivia: Cosplays at ren faires, fantasy, sci-fi, and anime conventions, and other gatherings where she can wear the costumes she creates. Costumes include elves, fairies, or other creatures found in fantasy worlds. Short with a slim build. Dark skin because of the time she spends outdoors. Dark brown pixie styled hair. Wears a deep blue suit when working. One of Alex’s dates. Plays roleplaying games with a group. Works as an event coordinator. Alex hires her to help Heather and Sasha with the street fair.

Raven: Black clothing. Short and spiky black hair. Tribal tattoos on her arms. Piercings in her face and other private places. One of Alex’s dates. Friend of Robin.

Robin: Short white hair. White skin covered in tattoos. Light blue eyes. Owns a tattoo shop. Friend of Raven.

Elly: Works as a greeter at a restaurant. The creator of Elly of Ellyville. Ghoul Camp. Other graphic novels. Singer. She does various jobs around Rochester. Lover to Kitari.

Angel: Blond. Elly’s best friend. Owner of Angels, the coffee house/cafe near Dyalessia Games and Night Readers.

Lucas: Bartender at the Bar & Grill.

Emily: Grey ankle boots. Black slacks. White blouse opened at the top. Pale skin. Freckles across her neck and face. Red hair bobbed to keep it jaw-length. Emerald eyes. Irish. Alex meets her at the Bar & Grill. Flies around the country to teach seminars. Plays a half-elf in the World of Dyalessia.

Unnamed: Loves hiking, rock climbing, running in marathons, cyclist marathons, and other outdoor activities. Short red haired. Alex and Melody discuss her on the dating site.

Unnamed: Fitness trainer. Melody dated him while in college. Alex and Melody discuss him while talking about the dating site.

Unnamed: Man getting a tattoo in Robin’s shop.

Amy: Canadian. Roommate with Bess at Coopers Union. Has a sick mother. Has a nick name of Ames. Short. Long brown hair she hid behind. Tan skirt and the white shirt. Short.

Tessa: Roommate with Bess at Coopers Union. Golden blond hair. Skin which was sun-touched to a beautiful tanned color. She southern drawl. Wears cowboy boots, blue jeans, and flannel she ties off at her midriff. Girlfriend to Kylia.

Kylia: Roommate with Bess at Coopers Union. Brown haired. Girlfriend to Tessa.

Elizabeth: Older student at Coopers Union. Guardian of the door into the dorm where Bess, Amy, Tessa, and Kylia are living. Girlfriend to Allen. Wife to Allen.

Unnamed: A woman Bess and Amy met at Rockefeller Center as they’re ice skating.

Janie: Canadian. Amy’s mother. Short. Brown-haired. Dies of cancer.

Allen: Elizabeth’s boyfriend. Fiance. Husband.

Unnamed: Bouncer at a bar in NYC. Allows Bess and Alex inside when she learns they’re 21.

Unnamed: Bartender at a bar in NYC. Allows Bess and Alex to drink when she learns they’re 21.

Russell: Bess’s student advisory at Coopers Union.

Unnamed: Male security guard at Bess’s apartment building.

Tracy: Waitress at the restaurant were Bess and Mira have dinner.

Unnamed: Mira’s grandmother. Flapper. Opened the art gallery in NYC. Enjoys listening to jazz.

Unnamed: Muscular male bouncer and doorman at Cobalt Dreams.

Professor Calvin Kingston: Christie’s teacher and advisor in New York City.

Zoey: Black hair to her shoulders. Best friend to Sarah. Lover to Brian.

Brian: Works at Dyalessia Games. Lover to Zoey.

Unnamed: Woman who works at Dyalessia Games as a graphic designer.

Unnamed: Female lawyer who oversees the legal aspects of Dyalessia Games.

Unnamed: Female lawyer who oversees the legal aspects of Night Readers.

Unnamed: Waitress at the diner Sarah took Melody for their first date.

Evie: Young girl who comes to the book signing at Night Readers with her mother. Melody offers her an internship when Evie turns sixteen.

Unnamed: Evie’s mother.

Kitari: Gives cooking lessons to the group of Dyalessia Games. Friends with Mira. Owns a barbecue restaurant in New York City. Lover to Elly. Partner with Angel in their coffee house/cafe. Kitty is her nick name. She’s from Memphis, Tennessee. Brown-haired.

Nyx: Alex’s and Melody’s black lab when they were young. Deceased.

Unnamed: Four members of an all-women band who played at the Bar & Grill.

Unnamed: Woman who lives in the apartment building where Sunny and Christie do.

Unnamed: Man who works at the toy story where Alex bought a bear for Christie.

Unnamed: Woman who owns the candy store where Alex bought suckers for Christie. Husband is deceased.

Unnamed: Woman who sold Alex blue hyacinths at the flower shop.

Leia: Husky puppy Alex adopts from the animal shelter. White and black with bright blue eyes.

Heather Margaret Weaver: Tall. 6’0. Rich brown eyes. Brown and blond hair. Volunteers at the animal shelter. Has a throaty laugh. Sasha’s rival. Jockey.

Shenanigans: Brown and blond hair. Heather’s racing horse.

Sasha Ester Kingston: Blond. Blue eyed. Heather’s rival. Known as Slammer among the softball players. Jockey. Jousts at the ren faire.

Nonsense: Sasha’s racing horse.

Unnamed: Sasha’s mother.

Unnamed: Sasha’s grandmother.

Unnamed: Sasha’s older brother.

Unnamed: Sasha’s older brother.

Unnamed: Sasha’s older brother.

Unnamed: Heather’s mother.

Unnamed: Heather’s father.

Taffy: One of Heather’s dogs.

Tali: Brown skin and black hair to her shoulders. Sasha meets her at the Bar & Grill.

Geo: Bouncer at the Bar & Grill.

Joanna: Sasha’s friend on the softball team.

Becca: Player on the softball team. Mother to Josh.

Josh: Becca’s son.

Zelda: Horse at the animal shelter.

Ghost: Horse at the animal shelter. White with hints of gray.

Donkey: A donkey Danica rides for her lessons. Danica named her.

Danica: Heather gives her riding lessons. Tried to commit suicide after being overwhelmed while in school. Shaved her head. Had strawberry blond hair. Jamie’s daughter.

Jamie: Works with Heather at the animal shelter. Danica’s mother.

Unnamed: Owner of Maggie’s Home. Spa in the neighborhood where Dyalessia, Night Readers, and Angel’s are.

Laney: Melody hired her to take care of the financial aspects of Dyalessia while on Melody takes her road trip vacation.

Gina: Valet at the Hyatt in Cleveland.

Holden: Works at the front desk at the Hyatt in Cleveland.

Unnamed: Woman who works at the front desk at the Hyatt in Chicago.

Unnamed: Woman who works at the front desk at the Hyatt in Chicago.

Dakota: Park Ranger at Yellowstone. Wears green pants, grey shirt, and a brown hat; the uniform of the Park Rangers.

Jacqueline: Works at the Hyatt in Las Vegas. Friend of Gerald.

Gerald: Owns a clothing shop in Las Vegas. Friend of Jacqueline.

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