Kira’s Rise

What would you do when offered to explore a virtual world?

Kira wasn’t sure what she expected when she received the request from Clover to test the virtual world Clover created. Upon finding herself sealed in the technology blended with magic, Kira’s amazement thrilled her, knowing she’d be able to explore a fantasy world different from the one she left behind.

After creating her character – an elven ranger – Kira began her adventures. Rising to the challenge of being a member of the race she selected, Kira met the elder of her village, his daughter, humans who joined her as adventuring companions and lovers, a sentient sword, and others who were not as important as the rest.

The longer she spent in the World of Bubastis, the more Kira realized things within the virtual world were not as Clover designed. It appeared the combination of magic and technology caused the programming to become sentient, influencing those who adventured within it. It wasn’t long before Kira learned those changes involved tales of how the demons conquered the world, were sealed away, and desired to return to enslave the races.

With her companions, Kira’s rise to challenge them began. She’d need to gain power and advance her Ranger abilities to survive the encounters she was thrust into. Exploring the virtual world was not as easy as she expected. Surviving what was to come might not be possible, but she’d do what was needed to protect those she loved.

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