World of Bubastis

Kira: Elven ranger of Kythasia. Light green hair to her shoulders. Green eyes. Light brown skin. Wears green and brown clothing with tints of red and yellow. Wields a bow and sword.

Tyrornia: Leopard. Animal companion to Kira. Orange eyes.

Merythia: Elven bard. Blue-black hair reaching below her shoulders. Brown and green skin. Brown eyes. Plays a hand harp. Daughter to Elder Merithial. Niece to Ranger Minveria. Lover to Kira.

Sarenia: Sentient sword. Green tint along the white metal and brown tiger’s eye gems set in the hilt.

Elispeth: Human. Bandit. Archer. Shoulder-length blond hair. Blue eyes. Lover to Kira.

Vanteria: Tall and muscular. Half-goblin. Pale grey eyes. Leader of the goblins at the mine. Wields a battle axe. Wears chain mail. Lover to Kira. Sister to Renestria. Has two mothers. One is a hedge witch and the other is a warrior.

Peytonia: Human. Paladin. Member of the Knights of the Crossed Blades. Her mothers started the adventuring company. Has a emblem of crossed swords on her cloak.

Elder Merithial: Leader of Kythasia – the elven village. Wears green and brown robes decorated with beads, feathers, shells, and other items found in the forest surrounding the elven village. Silver hair reached his shoulders, giving him an appearance where it was hard to distinguish if he was male or female. Father of Merythia. Brother to Ranger Minveria.

Ranger Minveria: Elven ranger. Braided brown hair to her mid-back. It has feathers, beads, and other natural items woven into the tresses. Hazel slitted eyes. Muscular. Green and brown clothing and leather armor. Wields a bow and sword. Sister to Elder Merithial. Aunt to Merythia.

Renestria: Half-goblin. Short brown hair. Wears plate mail. Wields a two-handed sword. Sister to Vanteria.

Filarial: Male elven alchemist. Asks Kira to retrieve lunar blossoms. Lover to Queen Arimandria.

Blacksmith Velerial: Female elf. Asks Kira to retrieve fey ore from the mines.

Unnamed: Asks Kira to find a pet raccoon.

Unnamed: Asks Kira to kill spiders.

Unnamed: Human woman. Bandit. Deceased.

Unnamed: Human woman. Bandit. Deceased.

Unnamed: Human woman. Bandit. Deceased.

Queen Arimandria: Pixie queen. Rainbow-colored wings draped along her back. Her hair of the same colors fell between them, reaching her waist. Soft purple eyes. Small breasts. Firm muscles. Lover to Alchemist Filarial.

Unnamed: Intelligent raccoon. Wields a walking stick. The “pet” the elf asked Kira to retrieve.

Cria’kay’lessia: Dragon. Terrorized the elven lands of Bubastis before being defeated.

Unnamed: Demonic dragon found in the elven dungeon.

Unnamed: Elven dungeon. Elf. Under a geas to never speak her name. Gifts Kira with a lunar blossom to deliver to Queen Armandria.

Zalrenia: Goddess of Rangers, forests, and the flora and fauna found within.

Alyndria: Goddess of luck.

Erostania: Goddess of love, romance, and everything related to those two things.

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