November 30th…

Gods, this month flew the same way the others have. To be honest, this year also felt like it did the same thing.

Lets see what do I have to say today? Thanksgiving was good. I’m glad its over though. Now to get through Christmas, New Years, and two birthdays. My parents had to be weird, being born on New Years Eve and New Years Day. Grins.

As for my words this week. I destroyed my goal. I wanted to do 2,500, or 500 a day from Monday through Friday. I overwrote this by almost 500 words. I was three words off from hitting 500. Sigh. Mutters. So, the story I hope to publish in February is coming along. With what I added this week, I’ve hit 7,389 words in it.

Tomorrow (Sunday) I plan on releasing the second book of Elly’s Tales. I wrote the blurb this weekend. I’ve had the book formatted for E-book for a while. I’ll put the paperback together tomorrow since I don’t publish the paperback until the E-book goes live.

As for gaming. I’m still playing the paint by number mobile game I found last week. Sims 4. And a few other mobile games like Lovestruck and Sims Mobile.

All right. I don’t have much else to add for this week. Next week it’ll be a new week and a new month. So, I’ll see if I can hit my 2,500 words again. I plan to take Tuesday off since it’s massage time again. The last three weeks went by quick.


November 24th…

I’m back with my usual weekend update. Let’s see. This week was horrible. Earlier in the week I wasn’t sure if I had the energy to get any writing done. My kidney incision from my operation in the 1990s felt like someone was squeezing it with their fist. It took a few days to stop. The weather/humidity went crazy, so it caused my incision to react.

Anyhow, I managed to get my words done, but it took everything to do it. I also realized this new story for Bastet’s Daughters needs Megadeth’s Countdown to Extinction album as the one I’m need to write to while it plays. It took me a few nights of writing to find the perfect music.

So, I’ve hit 4,400 words into this story already. I know I said I wanted to add 2,500 for the week, and I hit this goal. To be honest, I added 200 more than I planned. With Thanksgiving being this week, I’m not sure if I’ll hit my word count but I’ll see what happens.

As for gaming. I’m tired of Final Fantasy XII, so I’ve gone back to losing myself in The Sims 4. I also found a mobile game where you can color by number. This one is different because it has a story with it. You get to rebuild the ruined house. There’s other games like this, but they tend to have those connect the gem games, which annoy me.

All right. This is everything for the week. For those who celebrate American Thanksgiving, hope you have a good gathering.

November 18th…

Ack. I’m late on posting this update. I decided to take the weekend off from being online and on the computer. So, I lost myself playing Final Fantasy XII. I forgot I bought a copy when they rereleased it for the Xbox One a while back.

Anyhow. Writing update. I finished my first short story for Crimson Rose. Self-edited it. Gave it to the reader. Fixed the errors she noticed.

Since I have a book for December and this short for January, I’ve slowed my writing to 500 words a day. I started a new story on Wednesday. So far, I’m at 1,600 words into it. By the end of this week, I should reach 4,100 words. I’m planning on adding 2,500 to this story until the new year.

Once 2020 arrives, I’ll return to adding 1k words a day to my stories.

This story is either a single book or trilogy. I’m not sure which until I get book one finished. If I have more ideas for these characters, I’ll add books two and three. Anyhow, this is a space opera story in my Bastet’s Daughters setting.

So, a new Daughter of the Egyptian goddess is off to her own adventure.

Okies. This is all I have for this week.

November 10th…

I’m starting this weeks update with the news I’ve self-edited book two of Ellyville and handed most of it to my reader. I have to print the last two chapters and give them to her, but it won’t happen until later this week. Tomorrow (Monday) I want to add a little more to the story since I feel a chapter near the end needs a paragraph or more to finish it off.

The first short story for Crimson Rose is almost done. I have a scene or two to add at the end, and I’m done with it. I have to self-edit it and give the printed pages to the reader, but I think I’ll do this later this week. I also have to delve into names, since two characters aren’t named yet. I gave them my usual placeholder of (Fill in name). I have the cover for these, and I love what the artist created. When I asked her to help, I had no idea what I wanted for a cover. So, I’m pleased.

With these two stories being finished, I’m slowing down for the rest of the year. Ellyville book two will come out in December. Crimson Rose is for next year. This doesn’t mean I’m not going to write for the rest of November and December. I plan on starting something new set in Bastet’s Daughters world, but I don’t have a dedicated word count. I’d like to get 500 words a day, but if this doesn’t happen, I’m not going to be upset.

Having released Heather’s and Sasha’s story for Dyalessia Friends, I didn’t have time to do a lot of gaming. So, I’ve been playing mobile games. The Sims Mobile. Lovestruck, and Harry Potter Hogwarts. All right, I guess this covers everything I did this week.


November 3rd…

I’m writing my weekly status update early. Daylight Savings messed with my sleep, so I’m awake earlier than usual.

Book two of Elly of Ellyville is about a week or a week and half from being finished. I worked on it all week. This time I added 4,950 words to it. I didn’t hit my 5k goal, but it was a busy week with Halloween and taking care of other life things. I still have a month to finish this story because I plan on publishing it in December. It’ll be finished long before this happens. As for the total word count so far, I’m at 42,000 out of the 50k+ I’d like it to have.

The first story for Crimson Rose (my new series/shorts) is coming along. I’ve reached 15,000 words in it. I’m going to finish this story maybe this week or next. I’m not in a hurry to get it done. I still need a cover, and I might not publish it until next year. This week I added 2,300 words to it. It was another week where I didn’t hit my 2,500 goal, but by Friday I was done.

Gaming news. I finished a play through of The Outer Worlds. It’s a fun game, but I hope they add more content to the setting. There’s a lot of places they can take the story, so I’m hopeing. News from Blizzard came out at Blizzcon about Diablo 4 and the next expansion for Warcraft. I’ve returned to playing Diablo 3. I’m trying to use the greater rift tokens I’ve collected. I have about two hundred more to us. Grins.

Okay. I’m almost heading off to work on self-editing book two of Ellyville once I post this.