Elly of Ellyville Returns


What would you do to find the person who doesn’t want to be found?

Elly is the lone superhero of Ellyville. She gained her superhero abilities after she agreed to be a test subject to a group of scientists who sought a test subject for the new radioactive element they’ve created in one of their laboratories. After the events where Rylee captured her, Elly followed the woman she loves from one safe house to another. Having found the latest safe house, Elly prepares to confront Rylee about how she feels towards her. Before this happens, a stranger attacks Elly. Facing new threats isn’t anything new to the superhero, but this assassin sent to kill her leads Elly towards a path she didn’t plan.

E.V. E., or Evie, is the artificial intelligence the scientists created to handle everything within the apartment they designed for Ellison to give her everything she needed to help her protect the town from the criminals and villains who cause chaos each time they broke the laws. Evie faces new challenges once she gained the android body she desires. Being able to walk among the citizens of Ellyville takes getting used to.

Rylee is an arch-villain of Ellyville. She’s cured Skylar from the disease ravening her younger sister. Now she’s on the run with her sister, fleeing from one safe house to another before Elly finds them. If Rylee wants to continue her relationship with Elly, she needs to confront the superhero about how she loves Elly.

Kasumi is the assassin hired to kill the superhero of Ellyville. Upon meeting Elly in combat, the assassin realizes her goal isn’t as easy as she planned. Learning more about how to kill the superhero of Ellyville will take all the skill Kasumi learned throughout the years she’s assassinated people.

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