End of April…

This month went by quick!

Anyhow, I’ve hit 25,300 words in Rainy’s third book of the first trilogy I planned on writing. So, I have to get through May and this book and the first part of the series will be finished. On Friday, I wrote the ending. I know, weird, right? How do you write the ending when you have 30k words left? I don’t know, but this is how my creativity works for me.

As for the prequel book, this one is moving along. I’m at 17,900 words on this, which means I’m ahead of my goal by almost 500 words. This week I could slow down on this book because of this. I’ll have to see what happens, or how exhausted I am as the week progresses.

All right, this is the last post for April.


April 20th…

I lost track of time today because I’ve been playing the rerelease of Final Fantasy 10 since it came out earlier this week.

Rainy’s third book is coming along. I hit my 20k word goal, so this book will be half complete at the end of the upcoming week.

Anyhow, I’m at 15k words for the prequel book for Bastet’s/Rainy’s setting I wanted to write last year. This means I should have this book finished in August or September, depending on if I want to publish it first or if I want to publish a different book first.

All right. This is all I have for this week, so back to playing more of FF10.

April 13th…

Another weekend, another update.

Rainy’s third book is coming along the way I expected. So far I’m at 15k words, which is the goal I wanted to reach by the end of the week.

I’m ahead on my prequel book to Bastet’s/Rainy’s series because I wrote a bit more than I expected. So, I’m at 13k into this book, which won’t be finished until August.

I also made another change to my website, adding links to the book pages in the series pages. I wanted to do this last week, but debated about doing so. When someone else mentioned it might be a good idea, I agreed with them.

Okies. This is it for now. I’ll return next week with another status report.


I made a lot of changes to my web site. My book series are now listed together under the novels menu instead of spread across the top by each series. I added the summary to Alex’s and Christie’s second book in Dyalessia Games. I also added links to Instagram and Pinterest. I’m still thinking of other changes I might add, but for now these changes are the ones I could do without help.

Hello April…

March is gone already? Where did the month go?

Anyhow, I’ve hit 10,400 words in Rainy’s third book, which means I completed my goal for the week. It also means this book is almost a quarter written. So, I’m still on my schedule for a June release.

The prequel book for the same setting is also coming along. I’m at 10,700 words into this book. This one will take longer since I don’t write as much per day, but it’s still on target for when I wanted it scheduled.

All right. I have nothing further to talk about right now except I’m going to release Alex’s and Christie’s second book for Dyalessia Games tomorrow.