The blood of a royal family of Egypt had been passed down to Clover via her ancestors. This was a secret that Clover was not aware of but once she learned this fact, it would change her life in ways that she wouldn’t have predicted.

Clover was only ten years old when her life changed and ever since then she has been living on the streets or inside of buildings that were empty. It was only about a year ago that she moved into a warehouse, which would become so important to her in ways that she couldn’t imagine. During the ten years that Clover lived on the streets, she had a protector in an older wolf shifter that helped Clover – and other women like her – stay as safe as possible by making it clear that her adopted daughters were to be left alone, or by giving them places to stay, food, or clothing, and helping them form connections with the other woman that their adopted mother had taken in.

Now that Clover was into her second decade of life, Bastet felt that the mortal was mature enough to initiate Clover into becoming one of Bastet’s Daughters. Once this happened, the goddess of felines would change her Daughter’s life in ways that Clover would never had expected, giving her Daughter the family that Clover lost ten years ago, even if that family was not the biological one that Clover had when The Event changed everything for her on that fateful day ten years ago.

Felia, one of Bastet’s Daughters, would further change Clover’s life because the older shifter would become Clover’s alpha mate and the two of them would bring others into their lives to form the family that the two of them dreamed of having.

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