Part Seven

For seven weeks, May explored her relationship with Catherine after she visited Crimson Rose.

May’s experiences deepened once she completed the beginner class. It was time for her to learn what Catherine wanted, and what May wanted from her domme. Catherine hinted about taking May to the Ranch outside the town, but before it happened, May learned June wanted her to join her best friend in a Shibari session at Crimson Rose. May agreed, knowing June needed her for support.

Catherine worked on her plans to leave the small town, bringing May to the Ranch. It was the place where those who wanted a deeper connection with their domme/dom would receive it while experiencing sessions they didn’t have the space to do at Crimson Rose. When she learned Mistress Briana agreed to the Shibari session, Catherine’s eagerness to have a scene with May delayed her plans.

May enjoyed her pleasures at Crimson Rose, but it was time for her to find them at the Ranch.

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