The Event



What would you do when your world changes beyond the one you know?

Cynthia is a leading scientist in energy and physics. When she received a call from the government to investigate the cause of an accident at the military base on Hoffman Island, she learns there’s more to her world than she expected. During her investigation, Cynthia experiences how the power stored within the dragon eggs triggers The Event. Before her world unravels, she reunites with Yuki, her best friend.

Yuki is a tutor at the Academy of Sciences in New York City. Although she’s an adult, Yuki continues to be pressed to do what her father wants. Before the Event changes her world, Yuki learns how her father plans to marry her off. When Yuki meets Drake, she learns more about her world than she expected. When the power of the dragon eggs influence her life, Yuki experiences what it means to live in a world changed where magic returns and creatures from myths and legends walk the streets.

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