January 25th, 2020…

Heya all.

This week I added 320 words to the second story in Crimson Rose and 357 in the third story in Cleo’s and Petra’s adventures. I’ve felt horrible this week, so I neglected these two stories. Plus, I know they’re half written, so I’ll have time to finish them.

However, I added 5,296 words to Bastet’s Daughters in space. I’m focused on finishing this story since I have a few scenes left. Tonight, started my self-editing on it using the software I’ve used for years. I finished twenty pages. I’ll work on the other pages tomorrow and next weekend.

Gaming news, I’ve returned to playing mobile games and Diablo 3. There hasn’t been time for anything else. This is a short post this week because I don’t have much else to say.


January 19th, 2020…

I’m back since it’s the weekend. I’m going to start this new update with Bastet’s Daughters in space. I have a title for this new story or trilogy. However, I’m still referring to it as Bastet’s Daughters in space. Anyhow, I added 4,944 words to the current book. I wanted to hit 5,000 but there were times I felt horrible this week. So, I’m content with missing the 60 words. At this point, this new story is at 32,600 words. I’d like it to have over 40k, which means I have three weeks left of writing to add. I have the scene half written, but I need to expand them.

Plus, I don’t have a cover yet for this story. I’m hoping the cover artist is working on it.

Moving on to Cleo’s and Petra’s next story. I added 1,382 words to this short story. I set a goal of 1,250 for this story per week so I hit it. I’m at 4,500 of the 10,000 I’d like this story to have. It’s still one I’m not publishing until March, so I have time to finish it.

The second story for Crimson Rose is also being worked on. I wrote 1,362 words this week. I set a goal of 1,250 so I reached it again. This story is at 3,780 words. I have until April to finish it.

Gaming news. I returned to playing my Xbox more. A lot of Sims 4 still, but also did some runs in Diablo 3. I’m trying to reach 700 paragon levels, but I’m not sure if I will. Okay, this is my news for the week.

January 12th, 2020…

Another weekend, another writing update. I have the title for the new story for Bastet’s Daughters. It took me a while to think about what I wanted to call this book (or trilogy). As for the word count, I’m at 27,500. I added 4,100 words to it this week. Tuesday was massage day, so I didn’t do any writing. I didn’t feel like adding the missing 1k words over the weekend, so I skipped it. Besides, I don’t need this book finished until February. I should be around 32,000 words done when Friday comes.

The third short story for Cleo and Petra is coming along. I lowered the daily word count from 500 to 250. I’ll have this story done around the end of the January or early February. It’s not needed until March. At this time, I’m 3,100 words into the 10,000 words I’d like it to have. I plan on adding another 1,500 words to it this week.

Crimson’s Rose’s second short story is almost coming along. It’s my April release. So far I’ve written 2,400 words. This one will also be one I’ll add 1,500 to this week.

It’s time for my gaming news. I’m getting close to finishing another play through of Borderlands 3. Soon I’ll see what the casino is like. I’m still playing Lovestruck, and the paint by number games on my cell phone or Kindle. This weekend I delved back into Sims 4, which absorbed my time. I’m working on finishing the skills on the second sim of my family.

January 4th, 2020…

Heya all. It’s my first post for the new year. Let’s see. I’ve fixed the links to Ellyville. I made a mistake on those pages when I added those books to my web site. I’ve also added pages for the first story for Crimson Rose. It goes on sale tomorrow (Sunday).

I added 4,596 words to the new story set in Bastet’s Daughters. This space fantasy/sci-fi story is coming along. I hit 23,300 words in it. I plan for it to be another of my 40k to 50k stories. So, it’s about half done. I’ll reach this halfway goal by the end of this coming week.

With holidays and celebrations over, I returned to working on my 500 and 250 words stories along with my 1k words on my main story. Cleo and Petra’s third story is one I started this week. I’m going to cut it off at 10k words again. So far, I hit 1,825 words in it. I’ll have it finished by the end of January. It’ll go on sale in March. I still need a cover made for it.

The second story for Crimson Rose is also being written. I added 1,049 words in it. I plan to release this in April. It’ll be close to 20,000 words again.

Moving on from writing. I’m playing more of Borderlands 3 again. I still need to explore the casino but I want to finish the current play through before I do this. For my mobile gaming, I’ve been playing the paint by number game where you can build a house. I was close to finishing this on my other Kindle, but the data didn’t transfer over. I’m also playing Wordington again for the same reason. I’m close to reaching the place where I left off.