May 25th…

Saturday means another update on my writing for the week. I didn’t hit my word goal for Rainy’s third book this week because I skipped writing on Tuesday due to getting a massage. So, I’m at 44k words instead of 45k. I have about two weeks left to hit the 55k words I’d like it to have.

Also, I’m working on editing it this weekend, which means I can hand the printed pages to my reader.

The prequel book for Bastet’s/Rainy’s setting is still coming along. I’m at 27k, which means the book is about half finished. I’m still on my goal to finish this in August.

I’m working on part two of Cleo’s and Petra’s short stories. I hit 1k words on it already and I have the rest of June to add the other 9k I plan on writing for this story.


May 18th…

Weekend time means another update time! I’ve completed the revisions and editing on Dyalessia Games book one. As I mentioned, I plan on working on converting my other books to Kindle’s file format instead of the Word doc files I’ve used for the past year, which also means I’ll run these stories through another round of edits when I do this.

Rainy’s third book is coming along. I hit my 40k word goal for the week, which means I have about three weeks left of writing to do to finish this book and this trilogy.

I’m at the halfway point for the prequel book for Bastet’s/Rainy’s setting, having hit 25k words this week. I skipped writing on Friday, but I still hit my weekly word goal so I didn’t mind not working on this book on Friday.

During the week I also started the opening passage for Cleo’s and Petra’s second short story, which I plan to publish in July, probably the first week of the month.

Otherwise, this week has been tough because it rained for four or five days, and all I did was ache. Especially in my incision scar across my right side, which meant I spent a lot of time laying in bed reading and resting. Finally at the end of the week, the ache eased enough for me to get things done.

May 12th…

Time for my writing status update.

I wrote all week for Rainy’s third book, hitting my 35,000 word goal. Things are progressing in this story, and I’m working on ending the plots/ideas I started in book one and two.

I’m at 22,600 words written for the prequel book for Bastet’s/Rainy’s setting is, which means I hit my word goal for the week. This book is still coming along and it should be finished in August/Sept.

As I mentioned in my other post, book one of Dyalessia Games is being rewritten and edited. When I wrote this book, I didn’t know many of the things I do now. Yeah, I admit, I made a lot of mistakes. I hope this version is better than the one I first wrote.

Hello May…

I didn’t write my weekly writing status until now because I needed to add another 1k words this weekend to Rainy’s third book because I skipped writing on Tuesday due to a massage. Anyhow, now I reached my 30k word goal, so yay! I need to work on finishing the rest of this book during May, giving me about 25k words left to work with.

The prequel book is coming along still, but I’m not in as much of a rush to finish this book. So far, I’m at 20k words, which means I hit my word goal for the week.

Also, tomorrow (Sunday) I have a surprise I’ve been holding onto for a while.