February 29th, 2020…

Hello all, it’s the weekend again. Time for my writing status post.

I have about a week left for the second story in Crimson Rose. I added 3,810 words to it this week. I wanted to get 5k, but I was exhausted on Thursday so I didn’t write.

Bess’ and Mira’s book two of Dyalessia Games, or book five in the series, is coming along. I added 2,753 words to it this week. I didn’t have a word goal in mind, since it’s my filler story at the moment. I’ll work harder on it in March and April. So far, I’ve hit 6,160 words into it. I’d like my usual 40k to 50k.

Cleo and Petra’s next short story is coming next weekend. I have to write the summary for it, but otherwise it’s finished. I formatted it earlier when I printed it off for my reader to look over.

Tomorrow I plan on releasing my sixth video on my Youtube channel. I’m not sure what I’ll talk about, but I have a vague idea about pricing and the income I make on my stories. I’ll have to see.

Gaming news. I returned to Borderlands 3. Working on the beastmaster character. I like this one more than the siren. Maybe because of the pet. It helps kill while I hide behind things and shoot cultists. YAY!

My reading this week is:

1) Then & Now by Monica McCallan. 
2) More Than Me by Sienna Waters is book one of her Hawkin Island series. 
3) Wicked Hour by Chloe Neill is book two of her Heirs of Chicagoland series. 
4) Demon’s Delight by Yasmine Galenorn is book six of her Bewitching Bedlam series. 
5) Mindsong by Carmen Caine is book six in her Cassidy Edwards series. 

February 22nd, 2020…

Weekend is here, which means I need to write my writing status.

This week I added 4,505 words to my two stories. I worked on the second short story for Crimson Rose more than the second book for Bess’s and Mira’s story. I want to finish this short story before delving into Bess’s and Mira’s longer novel, which I plan for May.

Tomorrow I plan on releasing my fifth video on my Youtube channel.

Gaming news. I returned to playing Warcraft as I said last week. I also finished the casino in Borderlands 3. I’m working on my second character in Borderlands.

Books I read for the week are:

1) Witching Moon by Poppy Woods.
2) Freaky Fangs by Amanda M. Lee is book nine in her Mystic Caravan series.
3) Warrior Class: Sky Cutter by S. L. Kassidy is book one of her Warrior Class series.
4) Warrior Class: Taming Wind by S. L. Kassidy is book two of her Warrior Class series.

February 15th, 2020…

I’m changing my post by not posting word counts for each story. The two current stories are ones I don’t plan on publishing until April and May. So, I have time to finish them. The second story for Crimson Rose should be finished in about ten days. I plan on trying to have it done by the end of Feb. I’m also getting words done for book five of Dylessia Games. Bess and Mira are working out things they didn’t expect when they decided to expand their family.

Anyhow, this week I wrote 5,600 words but it was in both of these stories. I worked on them each day to hit my 5k word count goal for the week.

Tomorrow I plan on releasing my fourth video on my Youtube channel. I have an idea on what I’m going to talk about, but it’s a vague idea.

Gaming news. Diablo 3 most of the time. However, I also returned to Warcraft to clear the new patch features. Sometimes the urge to return to Warcraft gnaws on me. Grins.

Books I read for the week are:

1) Life is Sweet by Lily Seabrooke.
2) Cast in Wisdom by Michelle Sagara is book fifteen in her Chronicles of Elantra series.
3) Two Hearts Alone by Harper Bliss in book one in her Two Hearts trilogy.

February 8th, 2020…

As I said last week, I planned on finishing Acinonyx for my Bastet’s Daughters setting. I did this. Self-edited. Gave to my reader. Formatted it. Wrote the blurb/summary. I’m going to publish it tomorrow (Sunday the 9th).

Having finished this longer novel, I slotted Cleo’s next story into my 1k words a day. On Monday I believe I’ll finish this short story. I’ll work on self-editing and giving the printed pages to my reader next weekend. I still need a cover for this, but there’s time because this short story will be my March release.

I’m going to move the next short story for Crimson Rose into my 1k slot on Tuesday, I believe. It won’t take me long to finish it for the April release. This one I have the cover for already.

When these are done, I’m heading back to Dyalessia Games. Bess and Mira want their daughter to be born, so its time. They’ve been waiting months, when the idea came to me last year.

Okay. Gaming news. Things have been busy. So, I’ve been getting my Diablo 3 runs in. This is about all I can find time for at the moment.

Tomorrow I plan on releasing another video for my Youtube channel. I think I’m going to talk about some of the things I do for marketing. A lot of time I see this as a struggle by those who talk about it on Twitter.

Last week I said I’d start my new plan on sharing the books I’ve read for the week, so this is my list of what I’ve read for this week:

1) Twice Upon a Time by Erica Lee.
2) You Can Go Home by Mia Archer.
3) A Sacred Magic by Yasmine Galenorn is book nine of her Wild Hunt series.
4) Witch’s Oath by Terry Goodkind is the fourth short story in his Children of D’hara series.
5) Death’s Handmaiden by Niall Teasdale is book one of his Death’s Handmaiden series.
6) Boot Scootin’ Boogeyman by Lily Harper Hart is book three of her Hannah Hickok series.

February 2nd, 2020…

I’m starting this weekend post with Bastet’s Daughters: The Acinonyx. This is the space exploration novel I wanted to write for a while. I know there will be a second novel for these characters, but it won’t be written until later this year or next year. Anyhow, I self-edited the pages I’ve written so far. I’ve handed them to my reader after printing them. She’s read the first thirty pages and I’ve fixed the corrections she noticed. The other pages are also in her hands.

As for words I put into this story this week, I added 4,445. I have one or two scenes left to write this coming week. Self-edit those. Print. Give to reader. I’ll have everything done by the weekend, which means this book is going to be published on Sunday the 9th.

I also added the cover to my web page. I’ll write the summary next weekend.

Cleo’s story is coming along. I’m going to slot this one into my 1k words a day schedule after I finished Acinonyx. It’ll take me about a week to finish the 5k words I’d like this story to have. This week I added 384 words to it. I didn’t work on it much, having been focused on finishing my longer story.

Crimson Roses’ second story is also coming along. It’ll be added to my 1k slot after I finish Cleo’s. I wrote 758 words in it this week.

Also, I started something new last week. So, I have a Youtube channel where I’ll talk about various things related to my books, writing, gaming, and whatever other topics I’m interested in.

Gaming news. I’m still playing Diablo 3. I started playing Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire for the Xbox, but the loading screens are horrible. It takes half a minute to load the map, so I gave up on playing this unless they find a way to shorten the loading times. Plus, there’s other bugs which annoyed me.

I’m adding another new feature to my Sunday posts. From now on I’m going to list the current stories I’ve read for the week, like I do over on Twitter and my Facebook page. This week I’ve read:

1) Ressaline Tiara: Part two by Robin Roseau is book seven of her Ressaline series.
2) No Room at the Inn by Brooke Winters is book one of her The Hotel series.
3) Archangel’s War by Nalini Singh is book twelve of her Guild Hunter series
4) Unleashed: Case of the Bull Doggish by Erik Schubach is book nine of his Unleashed series.