September 29th…

September is almost over? Where did this month go? Argh. The end of the year always feels like it rushes by. This week wasn’t a good one for my writing. I had days where I felt horrible, so I either skipped writing my word count or wrote enough to finish a scene, but not hit my daily words. Plus, I know book two of Ellyville doesn’t need to be finished until December, so I’m slacking off on it.

My second play through of Borderlands 3 is going well. The same bugs I found a week ago are still there. Sigh. But I guess they’re working on fixing the major problems before tackling these other “minor” bugs. I’m kind of disappointed in this game, knowing it took so long to make and it has this many problems.

Anyhow, I hit about 3,900 words in the second book of Ellyville. I think this week or next I’m going to talk to the cover artist and see if she can work on my cover. My other project is coming along. I still don’t have a word count on this one, so whatever the length is, I’ll figure it out when it’s done. Grins.

The prequel story for Bastet’s Daughter/Rainy Days/Cleo & Petra is coming next weekend. October 6th. In November I’ll release Heather’s and Sasha’s story for Dyalessia Friends. December is Ellyville. After this, I’ll figure out what I want to work on next year. I have ideas, but I’m not sure which will be first.

All right. This is everything for this week. I hope to hit my word count goals this upcoming week. Well, not on Tuesday because I don’t plan on writing. It’s massage day, and I so need it. Been hurting so much.


September 22nd, 2019…

All right. Time to get my weekly writing status posted. I’ve been absorbed with Borderland 3 still, so I’ve been neglecting my updates.

Let’s start this off with Heather’s and Sasha’s story is finished. I’ve self-edited it, and sent it to my reader to look it over. Her corrections are done. However, I think I’m holding this story until November. The prequel story for my urban fantasy/romance series is going to be published in October.

I’ve rotated book two of Ellyville into my 1k words a day story. I’ve hit 14k of the 50k to 60k I’d like this story to have. I have about six weeks to finish it. I also need to talk with my cover designer to get this made.

Beyond everything else going on, I started a new story. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this one, but it is another series I’ve been thinking about. These two other series are something I’m going to work on when I have ideas for them, so they’ll be published whenever I have a new one finished.


September 15th…

I only finished 4k words in Heather’s and Sasha’s story this week. Tuesday was massage day, and I wasn’t going to write after getting a massage. Anyhow, I have half a scene left to write and this book is done. I’m thinking it’ll be finished by Wednesday.

I’m still plugging along with book two of my superhero series. This week I didn’t write much in it, but I’m going to rotate it into my 1k words a day schedule, which means I’ll finish it in about six weeks.

Okies. I don’t have anything more to say this week. It’s been a frustrating week, having to figure out my plans about certain things. One good thing about the week is Greedfall and Borderlands 3 came out, so I’ve been obsessed with playing Borderlands 3. Greedfall was fun for a few days, but I wanted to play Borderlands more than the new roleplaying game.

September 7th…

It feels like this week flew. I can’t believe it’s the weekend already. Anyhow, time to write a writing update.

Tomorrow (Sunday) I’m putting the trilogy collection of Rainy’s three books for sale on Amazon.

Heather’s and Sasha’s story for Dyalessia Friends is almost finished. I have about three scenes I want to include, which I hope to finish this week. I’ve hit 44,000 words and I’d like this story to have 50,000 to 60,000. This week I added 5,055, but it took all my power to do it. I like it being autumn but it doesn’t like me. So, I had days where my aches caused me to want to stay in bed or do nothing.

I’ve also started the self-edits for this story. I completed half of them so far. I plan to do more of them after this post or tomorrow (Sunday). I’m hoping the editor will send me the first round of edits for the prequel novel this week. My start date for this was the 1st, and it should take about ten days for the editor to complete everything. I haven’t heard anything different, so I’m assuming this is still the case.

The second book of my superhero series, Elly of Ellyville, is coming along. I’ve hit 10,000 words in it. This week, due to the health problems, I didn’t hit my word goal. Still, this book doesn’t need to be finished right away, so I’m okay with this. This week I added 2,340 out of the 2,500 goal.

I’ve also decided after I finish the second superhero book I’m going to slow down for the year. This will be the last novel I complete, and my focus is going to be on the short stories I want to complete. I have ten more to write for Cleo & Petra, and another series I’d like to focus on. Plus, the holidays are coming, so things are going to get crazy. So, writing these short stories in two or four weeks means I don’t have to work as hard.



September 1st…

Wow, where did August go? Sigh. It was a quick month. I think September is going to be the same way. I’m late on writing this update because I installed World of Warcraft on the laptop I bought to replace one which died a few months ago. It took me all weekend to catch up on the quests I’ve missed and the raids I never saw.

With the 5,200 words I added to Heather’s and Sasha’s story this week, I’ve hit 39,000 words. I plan on hitting my 50,000+ words in the next two weeks. I have a few scenes left to write and once these are done, I’m done writing what I want to include, or what the characters decided they wanted.

Book two of the superhero series Elly of Ellyville is coming along. I didn’t hit my word count this week for the second time. By Friday, I was done. It took everything I had to hit my 1,000 words in my main story. Still, I added 2,200 of the 2,500 I wanted. This is still a good amount for a second story. I’ve hit 8,600 words for this story already.

All right, this is everything for this week. Back to work/writing tomorrow (Monday).