December 29th update.

All right. I hit 52,000 words this week in Rainy Days: Drizzle. I hope to finish this book next week. So far, about 75% of it has been edited and given to my reader to look over. I think it is also time to add the book’s cover to my website, which I plan on doing later today.

Ellyville is still moving along. I hit 28,000 words done on this story. I’m still not sure if I’m going to hit the 50,000 words on it or not, but I’m working on writing this first part of the story still and I’ll see what the word count ends up being.

Anyhow, this is everything for this week. Maybe by next weekend my update will include the release of Rainy Days: Drizzle.


December 22nd update.

Another week has gone by, which means I need to write my weekly status update.

Rainy Days: Drizzle, or book two of the trilogy, is getting closer to being finished. I’m at 47,000 words out the 55,000+ I’d like this book to have. I’ve also bought the cover, but I’m not going to reveal it until next week. However, I did post it early on my Patreon page. With most of this book written, I might work on editing over the weekend.

Elly of Ellyville is still coming along. I’ve hit 25,000 words in this book. So far, I still have ideas on what I want to include in this book, so I don’t see myself finishing it any time soon. I’m okay with this, since I’d like to have a higher word count.

December 15th update.

It is another Saturday, which means time to write my weekly post on where I am in the two books I’m writing.

Rainy Days: Drizzle is coming along, and I’m still on my goal to wrap up my writing around the end of the month or early in January. This week I hit 41,000 words out of the 55,000 I set at my goal.

Elly of Ellyville is also coming along, and I have a few new ideas about what I want to include in this book, which means I may hit the 55,000 word count in this book. I’ll have to see once these other ideas are written, and once I finish the main plot I want to write about for this book. At the moment, I hit 22,000 words in this book so far.

December 8th…

It’s a week later since I wrote my update from last week. I don’t have much to say this week, beyond posting the word count goals I hit this week.

Rainy Days: Drizzle, or book two, is coming along. I’ve hit 36,000 words in this new book, which means I hit my 5k goal for the week. I’m happy because all the extra words I’ve added while writing this book pushed my word limit goal over by 1k.

I’ve hit 19k words in Elly of Ellyville. So, this book is getting close to being half written, if I stick with my 55k words I try hit with each of my books from now on. I’m still not sure if this book will be this long, but I’ll find out. When the book feels done, I’ll end it.

All right. I’ll be back next weekend with my usual update.

December 1st…

It’s December? Where did all of November go? It feels as if the last month started not long ago, and now it’s over all ready?

Rainy Days: Drizzle, or book two, is moving along. I have about five weeks left of writing to hit my 55k goal. Last night I ended my writing week by hitting my 30k word count goal. I’m happy with this, and the book is coming together. Although I still have to write the two main plots I want to include in this second book.

Elly of Ellyville is also coming together. It took me time to think about certain scenes in this book, but now I have a better idea on where this book is heading. I hit 15k words in this story so far, but the one thing I’m still not sure about is what the ending word count will be. I guess, when the book feels done, this will be the ending word count.

All right, this is where I am with the two books I’m working on. I’ll be back next week with another update.