Part Eight

For eight weeks, May explored her relationship with Catherine after she visited Crimson Rose.

May agreed to spend time at the Ranch, giving Catherine what she wanted. She wasn’t sure what she’d experience while there, but she trusted the woman she loved. The beauty pageant wasn’t what she expected, but May desired to play her part in it. It was another of the gatherings May’s been involved in since her first visit to Crimson Rose.

Catherine helped May learn more of the interests after the blond woman visited Crimson Rose. Taking May to the Ranch and exploring them was something Catherine enjoyed doing. The surprise she planned with the owner of the club and the others willing to help her added to the joys she wanted May to feel. The relationship she had with May was built on trust, and Catherine had no interest in breaking it by asking May to do something she wasn’t interested in.

They enjoyed their pleasures at the Ranch, but it was time to return to their small town and the changes they planned while there.

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