Unknown Terror

Welcome to the town of Unknown.

Isabella never expected the horror of finding her rival injured and dying in the forest. She was not one to believe the stories about magic returned and creatures from the tales people told were real. When werewolves harmed Cassidy and threatened David, she hunted them. Working with those she despised, loved, and were acquaintances, Isabella made sure the beasts understood it was better to leave the citizens of the town alone. Along the way, she realized her rage for Cassidy changed, turning into feelings she never expected. Learning to love her rival was a shock.

Cassidy’s life changed when she was attacked and left for dead in the forest near Isabella’s home. Spying on her rival never turned out how it did when a beast tore into her, leaving her in a clearing. Learning she was infected and had transformed into a werewolf, Cassidy found her place with Isabella, once she shared her love with her.

Being best friends with Isabella and Cassidy wasn’t easy. David was the peacekeeper between the two rivals. His need to heal drove him to become a nurse at the clinic in the town of Unknown. This didn’t change after Cassidy attacked him, turning him into a werewolf. He was the pack member who would make sure the two powerful women did not kill each another.

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