Part Two

It was the second time Samantha woke with Lylilith and Zurie arguing about who was correct about the two deities who added her name to the lists of those who needed to choose to become a demon or an angel. This time she expected it. The first time Persephone and Demeter summoned her using the list, she journeyed to the Lower World and Upper World to learn what they wanted, and it appeared they repeated it this time.

Once she realized it was time for her to choose, Samantha added a twist to what the Greek goddesses wanted. Since she loved a demon and an angel, she insisted Lylilith and Zurie needed to be involved. It wasn’t long before Samantha became a unique mixture of the two women, turning her into someone who was a demon, angel, and a touch of Persephone and Demeter. If the deities wanted to be involved in Samantha’s life, she wanted them to help with the relationship she had with Lylilith and Zurie.

They made her visit the Lower World and Upper World; it was time for them to fulfill the debt she believed they owed her.

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