July 27th…

Weekend means another writing status update.

I added about 5,200 words to Heather’s and Sasha’s story for Dyalessia Friends. This story is about 14,700 words done out of the 50k to 60k I’d like it to have. It’s moving along, so I’m happy.

Cleo and Petra’s second short story is slotted for the first round of edits on July 31st. I hope to have it returned to me by the end of the week. If it was like the first short story, I might have to make three passes to correct what the editor thinks I should fix.

All right. This is everything for this week.


July 21st…

Been a busy weekend, so didn’t get a chance to write my writing status until now.

I hit my 5k words written for the week in Heather’s and Sasha’s book in Dyalessia Friends. So, this story is about 10k words into the 50k I’d like it to have.

Cleo & Petra’s second short story is in the hands of the editor. I’ve self-edited the prequel novel and fixed the errors the reader noticed. When the editor gets a slot open, I plan on sending this story.

All right, this is all I have to say for this week.

Cleo & Petra Part one…

I’m pleased to announce Cleo & Petra’s first short story has been revised and edited beyond the self-editing I’ve been doing for all my stories. Part two is in the hands of the editor, but it won’t be worked on until July 30th.

Once we’re happy with the editing, I’ll publish it. I hope this might happen in August.

I’m hoping to work with the editor to go through my other stories and revise/edit them, but this is still a work in progress.

As a reminder, the link for part one of Cleo and Petra’s short stories can be found at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07RFK6L97

July 14th…

I took a day off to relax yesterday, so I didn’t post my weekly writing status until now.

I’m working on round two of editing Cleo & Petra’s first short story. I scheduled handing part two to the editor for next week.

Tuesday I skipped working on my writing because I had a massage. Anyhow, I still hit close to my 5k words for the week. I believe I finished the prequel book, and I’m working on self-editing it.

Next week it’s back to working on Heather and Sasha’s story.

July 6th…

Wow, July’s here already? June went by way to fast.

There’s not much to report this week. I’ve hit my 5k word goal. Most of this writing was spent in finishing more of the prequel book to Bastet’s Daughters/Rainy Days. I think I may complete this novel this week.

Otherwise, the first short story for Cleo & Petra is still with the editor I’m working with to help me write better novels. I believe I should get this returned to me on Wednesday. After I go through the changes, I’ll upload the new version, and talk with the editor to see when I can send another story to them.

Okies. This all I have to report this week.