Part Four

For four weeks, May’s been with Catherine in the relationship the two agreed upon when May visited Crimson Rose.

As their relationship deepened, May learned more about her desires and Catherine’s. Finding love while submitting fulfilled everything May craved. May had two weeks left of the beginner classes at Crimson Rose to complete before she agreed to find the pleasures Catherine wanted to show her submissive. What May didn’t expect was having her mother questioning her about her activities. However, May should have realized this, knowing she lived in a small town and gossip spread throughout it.

For the first time Catherine pushed May beyond her limits. Being together for four weeks, it was time for her to show May the advanced ways they could have a Scene together. Finding she needed to meet May’s parents, Catherine’s stress about doing so flared. However, the dinner she was invited to meet May’s parents turned out to be easier than she believed.

With one stressful event removed, May and Catherine continued to build the relationship they wanted.

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