Bess & Mira 2.0


Bess and Mira return in book five of Dyalessia Games.

After returning to Rochester from New York City, Bess and Mira desired to expand their family. Working together, the two settle into their home and plan to have their baby. As the months pass, Bess reunites with Amy, her former lover while at college, and Kylia and Tess, her former roommates.

Knowing Bess carries their child, Mira’s eager to help her wife throughout the pregnancy. Mira also expands the art gallery her family owns in New York City, opening one in Rochester. It won’t be long before Bess and Mira learn more about each other and their relationship. Adding a child to their family transforms it, strengthening the love they share.

Other surprises are in store for Bess and Mira as their lives change because of the baby.

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