Bess & Mira


Bess is the lead graphic designer of Dyalessia Games, the video game company she started with Alexandria and Melody, the two sisters Bess met when they were in high school together. Having moved away from Rochester to attend college in New York City, she focused on getting through her college classes and then getting her name known for her artwork she created beyond the work she did for Dyalessia Games.

Having met Mira, an owner of one of the art galleries in New York was when Bess’s life changed again.

Most of her life was focused on running the art gallery that has been in her family ever since her grandmother started it many years ago. When she first noticed Bess’s artwork on display at Cooper Union, Mira knew she wanted to meet the woman who created the artwork that fascinated Mira.

As their relationship grew, Bess and Mira became friends at first and that friendship grew into deeper feelings until the two came to realize they loved each other and wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.

Bess and Mira made their first appearance in book one of Dyalessia Games: Alex & Christie. This book could be read without reading book one even though some scenes in book two share scenes from book one.

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