Bastet’s Daughters


This trilogy includes book one, book two, and book three of Bastet’s Daughters.

The story in book one is about how Clover, Felia, and Hunter came to live together and form the core of the family all of them have been hungered for, without knowing they wanted to form a family. Book Two continues with the three woman, and how they’re getting to know one another.

The second book takes place on the family farm where Felia grew up, showing more of her family. It’s hard to meet anyone’s parents, but when your family are powerful magic users, shape shifters, and others, meeting the family is a frightening experience.

Book three continues their adventures when they return to the city after spending a week at the farm. With the forth member of their family returning with them, the core of the family had to learn how to fit Sadie into the dynamics of the different personalities. Clover also decides to journey into the Lower World to meet with her mother.

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