March 30th…

Weekend time means a new status update.

I started my third book in Rainy’s trilogy for my 1k words a day book. Although I didn’t hit this goal each day this week, I overwrote on other days so I still completed 5k words for the week, which makes me happy.

I also hit 8k words for the prequel book for Bastet’s Daughters/Rainy Days. I wanted to write this book last year, but never found the time. However, this year I decided it needed to be written, so I’d find a way to do so!

Next week I think I’ll release Alex’s and Christie’s second book in Dyalessia Games because it’ll be April. I didn’t want to have two books come out in March.

All right. I don’t have anything else to add.


March 23rd…

Heya all.

Time for this week’s writing status. I think I finished book two of Alex’s and Christie’s story for Dyalessia Games. My reader is working through any errors she might find, which means I’m fixing those problems. Anyhow, I’m still holding this book until April because I already released a book for March.

The prequel book to Bastet’s Daughters/Rainy Days which explains the way the world changed is coming along. I hit 5,300 words so far. I’m not sure what my word count goal is for this story, but I’d like to hit my usual 50,000+. I’ll have to see.

Monday I start a new book. I’m thinkin it’ll be the third book in Rainy’s trilogy because I’d like to finish this trilogy before moving on to something else.

Anyhow, this is all I have to say for this week.

March 16th Update

Hey all, the weekend arrived which means it’s time for another writing status update. With book one of Elly’s Tales released last week, I started on my next book. However, the first half of this update is about Alex’s and Christie’s second book for Dyalessia Games. I hit 51,700 words with this weeks writing, and I have a few scenes left to finish.

Over the weekend I’m going to work on editing this book. I might also add the cover to my web page, and to my social media accounts.

As I said above, I’m working on the prequel novel to explain The Event in my Bastet’s Daughters and Rainy Days trilogies. This is my current 500 words a day novel, and so far I’ve hit 2,800 words during the first week I’ve worked on this book. So, I hit my word count and more!

All right, this is everything I have to say this week.

March 9th Update

I took a day off on Friday from writing my 1k words in Alex’s and Christie’s second book for Dyalessia Games because I pushed myself to finish my other book. Plus, I plan on releasing this book in April which means I have about fifteen days to reach the remaining 10k words I need to hit my 55k+ word count goal. So far, this book is at 46k words, which makes me happy.

Anyhow, Elly’s Tales book one is finished, edited, read over by my reader, and made the best I can make it. I’m going to write my blurb today, and send it off to Amazon tomorrow (Sunday).

Okies, this is all I have for this week.

Hey, it’s March…

Alex’s and Christie’s second book in Dyalessia Games is coming along. This week I hit 42,000 words. I plan on spending most of March finishing the scenes I need to add or continue. I’m thinking I’ll release this book in April because Elly’s Tales book one is going to be my March release.

My plan is to spend the rest of this week finishing the ending and one more scene in Elly’s Tales book one. If this happens, I’ll edit it over the weekend and print off these chapters to give to my reader. At the moment, this book is 54,000 words, which means it might turn out to be another 60,000 word book.

This is all I have to say for this week’s update.