Alex & Christie 2.0


Alexandria and Christie return in book four of Dyalessia Games.

With help of her best friend and sister, Alexandria’s desire to be in a committed relationship by the end of the year came true. A few months later into the new year, Christie and her continued to grow closer. When Emily returns to Rochester for the weekend, her actions strains the relationship between Alex and Christie when Alexandria learns not everyone is happy about her being in a committed relationship.

Having settled into Rochester after she moved upstate from New York City, Christie is happy being an intern at Dyalessia Games and being in a committed relationship with Alexandria. Christie’s feelings change for a time when she finds Alexandria doing something Christie doesn’t approve of, although this mistake isn’t Alex’s fault.

Will the two work through this misunderstanding? Or will they go their separate ways although they love each other? Found inside book four of Dyalessia Games are the answers to these questions, and the answers about how Alex and Christie strengthen their relationship.

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