Part Five

For five weeks, May’s been with Catherine in the relationship the two agreed upon when May visited Crimson Rose.

The idea to spend a week submitting to Catherine surprised May when she thought about it. Once she discussed it with her best friend, May discussed it with Catherine. When they came to an agreement, May learned more of Catherine’s desires and deepened her desire to submit to the woman she met at Crimson Rose. The longer May stayed with Catherine, the more her love for Catherine grew. 

Catherine never expected May to request what she did, but having May submit for a week interested her. Working together, she helped May explore more of her needs. Testing May’s limits has been something Catherine agreed to do once she met May, and the two discussed what they wanted from their relationship. Knowing they had one week left of the beginner class meant Catherine showed May more of what she wanted from the woman who submitted to her.

What they two built with each other would change once May and Catherine could explore their relationship once May finished the class.

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