Dragon Station

The crew of the Acinonyx left Earth to explore space. What adventures will they find?

Captain Chloe leads the crew. When they learn of the space station, she joins explores it with them. The surprises she finds while aboard changes the goal the crew.

Harperia is one of those who joined Captain Chloe. She’s the commander of the troops who she trained, and who protected the crew aboard the Acinonyx. It wasn’t a surprise for her to come with the group exploring the space station. Her training in combat keeps the others from harm. Having secrets, they influence her when aboard the space station.

Sabrina is the leader of the doctors aboard the ship. She keeps the crew of the Acinonyx from dying from the injuries they have as the crew explores the space station. With her staying on the ship, she communicates with those who struggle to find their way around the space station.

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