Two weeks already, and music…

I don’t know where the time went but it seems as if I’ve spent two weeks working on my new book already. Last night I hit 10k words done out of the 50k total for my word count goal, which means I have about eight weeks before this new book is finished.

Also, I decided to talk about the music I write to for each book. So far, this book is all about Bon Jovi’s Slippery When Wet. Last book was written listening to Ozzy’s No More Tears.

I’ll be back with another update in two weeks.


This week…

After the run to the emergency room this week, my health issue is better but not gone. However, I managed to edit the parts of book three of Bastet’s Daughters I’ve written so far, and the edited pages have been sent to my beta reader. During the rest of this week, I plan to finish the last scene or two I didn’t get a chance to finish during my writing this week. Once those passages are edited and beta read, I’ll send the book to Amazon. I think everything should come together by the middle of the week.