Part One

Geneva is a member of those who agreed to settle on Mars to form a colony willing to explore the changes magic did to the red planet. Unlike the others who prefer staying near the buildings, Geneva ventures across the surface. It was during one of those explorations where she met Pyre, a hellhound.

She never intended to befriend the pup, but once she did, Geneva figured out a way to keep Pyre with her. However, Pyre’s mother wasn’t thrilled with the plan, nor were those who lived in the colony. The leader made sure Geneva learned from her mistake, putting Geneva in charge of creating a sanctuary for the flora and fauna Commander Heron insisted Geneva needs to collect.

Hearing what her commander wanted, Geneva knew she could leave the colony to explore without being chastised. However, she needed to find enough of the biology of the planet to make the leader of the colony happy with her. Doing this might be more than she expected, but Geneva agreed to the command.

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