Do you ever expect to fall in love?

After Rain moved into Seahaven, the Victorian house she found empty when she moved to Rochester, she met Yuki, and the two saved one another from the bounty hunter and elven woman who tried to capture or kill Yuki. After helping one another to survive, Rain and Yuki grew closer to one another.

Although the two living in Seahaven grew closer to one another, events would lead them to separate for a while.

Having been summoned to the shore of Lake Ontario by Lady Tethys, the Greek goddess Rain worshiped her whole life, the water witch learned about the task she had to fulfill. Her goddess wanted Rain to help return Atlantis to the world the city disappeared from centuries ago.

While Rain took care of her task, Yuki was pulled into one of her own. The fire magi set out to find any way to recall the missing memories she’s lost from the moment the energy of The Event spread worldwide. Yuki also had to keep an eye out for Izzy the bounty hunter and Magpie the elven warrior who tried to capture her when the two broke into Seahaven.

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