Elly of Ellyville


How many times has someone done something they regret after they’ve had their heart broken when a relationship failed?

Elly is the protector of Ellyville. She gains her superhero abilities after she agreed to be a test subject to a group of scientists who sought a test subject for the new radioactive element they’ve created in one of their laboratories. With her heart shattered from being kicked out of the apartment she shared with her former lover, Elly agreed to be the first one to test the radioactive experiment the scientists wanted to inject into her.

E.v.e., or Evie, is the artificial intelligence the scientists create to handle everything within the apartment they created for Ellison to give her everything she needed to help the superhero protect the town from the criminals and villains who cause chaos each time they broke the laws.

Rylee is a villain of Ellyville. She plans to cure Skylar from the disease ravening her younger sister. These plans involve the capture of Elly of Ellyville, and the villain will do anything it takes to accomplish her goal to save her younger sister.

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