Part Two

Geneva’s plans on freeing the Perseverance from the cavern she fell into are derailed when she learns the area is guarded by a dragon. With Pyre at her side, she does what is needed to convince Lirrenia to allow her to free the machine to return it to the settlement surviving on the Martian surface.

Pyre’s mother continues to torment them, not being pleased Geneva rescued the hellhound pup and allowed her to stay with her. The relationships Geneva has with those inside the Martian settlement change the longer she’s the leader of the menagerie Commander Heron requested Geneva build for them.

This tale is part two of a collection of short stories set in the world of Bastet’s Daughters, Rainy Days, the Event, the Acinonyx, and the Town of Unknown. This tale takes place after the Acinonyx leaves Earth to explore space.

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