January 26th Update

It’s another weekend, which means time for an update. So far I’ve hit 16k words in Alex & Christie’s book two. I’m ahead on my word count for this book by 1k words, which is nice to know!

Elly’s Tale’s book one is coming along. I’ve hit 41k words on this, and I think I know where the rest of the book is heading. The one thing I’m not sure of is if I’ll hit the 55k word goal on this book. I’ll have to see what happens over the next few weeks.

I also realize I made a mistake on my 500 word a day schedule,  so I fixed this error. I thought Elly’s Tales book one would come out in about two weeks, but I was wrong.

All right, I have nothing further to say for this status update. I’ll be back next week for another update!


January 19th Update

The weekend is here which means another update on my writing status.

Dyalessia Games: Alex & Christie 2.0 is coming along. I’ve hit about 11,000 words out of the 55,000+ I’d like my books to have from now on. So, this book is going well.

Elly’s Stories/Tales: Elly of Ellyville is at 37,000 out of the same 55,000+. I also talked with the cover artist who created a few covers for my other books. She told me she might have a few covers ready by Sunday or Monday for me to look over.

All right. This is all I have for this week’s update. Books are being written, and I’m on schedule for the release dates I want for these two new books.

January 12th Update

It’s the weekend again, so I’ve put in my word counts for the week.

I’ve started Alex and Christie’s second book for Dyalessia Games. It’s been a year and a half since I published the first book with these characters, and now I have new ideas for where to take their relationship. So far I’ve hit 5,200 words out of the 55k words I’d like this book to have. This time I’m going to try to make the book longer compared to the first one.

When I wrote this first book, I didn’t know as much as I do now about writing a book and self publishing. Over the last year and half, I’ve learned from my mistakes, and I feel I write better books.

Anyhow, Alex and Christie 2.0 won’t be out until the end of March.

Ellyville is coming along still. I’m at 34k into this story, and still plugging along with my 500 word a day goal. If things continue the way they should, I’ll have this book finished around February 8th.

All right, see you next week!

It’s a new year!

This is my first update for 2019.

Okay, I finished Rainy Days: Drizzle. I plan on getting it up on Amazon tomorrow (Sunday) night. I pushed about five thousand words out on Thursday and Friday to write the last few chapters. Edited everything. Sent to my reader for corrections. Later today or tomorrow I’ll write the summary.

Rainy Days: Drizzle is also the longest book I’ve written so far. It comes in at 60k words.

Ellyville is coming along still. I’m at 31k words, so I’m thinking this book will reach the 50k to 60k mark all of my current books reach.

All right. This is all I have to say for this week. On Monday, I’ll return to Alex, Christie, and the others from Dyalessia Games book one or from the other books in Dyalessia Games. Alex and Christie have been talking to me, and it’s been a year and a half since I finished my first book so it’s time for them to return for a second book.