GrowthAmazonAfter the events Clover, Felia, and Hunter were pulled into when Argus kidnapped two of Clover’s friends, the family left Rochester for a week because they wanted to visit Felia’s family on the farm and land where the family lived.

The peace and relaxation they expected to have didn’t last once events transpired during the week the family visited when Argus returned to Earth after he was transformed by Eris, the goddess he worshiped. Even when they were fighting against the army Argus gathered and sent against the family, the women who were together grew closer to one another, and at the end of the week Sadie, the fourth member of their family, joined Clover, Felia, and Hunter after she agreed to return to the city with them.

Needing to return to Rochester since their vacation hadn’t turned out to be as relaxing as the three hoped it would be, the three Daughter’s of Bastet and their human mate ended their visit at the farm and returned to Rochester to try to find the relaxation and peace they didn’t find during the week they spent with Felia’s family.

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