June 29th…

All right. I’ve made changes to my web page, adding pages for the new books I’m writing¬† or finished.

I finished writing the 10k second short story for Cleo & Petra. I plan on releasing it next Sunday on the 7th of July.

The prequel novel is at 40k words, so I have two weeks or four weeks left on this one, depending if I do 1k words or 500 words a day.

I’m going to return to Heather and Sasha’s story, which means I’ll hit 10k words in this one by the end of next week.

With this said. I’m shopping for a different editor. It happens. Sometimes there’s creative differences.

All right, this is everything for this week.


June 23rd…

Heya. It’s the weekend which means I need to write my weekly writing status.

I think I might have finished the second short story for Cleo and Petra. I’m waiting to hear what my reader thinks because I’m debating about adding another scene or not. Anyhow, if I do it won’t take me long. I’ve also self-edited this story over the weekend. It’ll be handed to the editor soon.

Otherwise, I’m still working on the prequel novel for my Bastet’s Daughters/Rainy Days series. I’m trying to finish this story before moving on to writing more of Heather’s and Sasha’s story or any of the others I’ve been thinking about or writing.

I did stick with my goal of writing 5k words for the week, so yay!

I’m also hoping to get round one of Rainy’s first book returned to me this week from the editor. Kind of anxious to see what changes I might have to make once she’s done going through this first book.

All right. This is all I have to say this week.

June 15th…

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I’ve changed my plans for the year because of hiring an editor. So, I’m still writing but the daily 1k words I add to my stories on Monday through Friday are being added to the stories I feel like writing.

Cleo & Petra’s second short story is coming along. I’ve hit 5,870 of the 10k words I’d like this story to have. I may release this short story this year, depending on the schedule between me and the editor I’m working with.

Heather’s and Sasha’s story for Dyalessia Friends is at 4,100 words of the 50,000+ words I’d like this story to have. I am working on it, but slower than I planned.

The prequel book for Bastet’s Daughter/Rainy’s setting is at 34,000 of the 50,000 words I’m trying to reach. I plan on continuing to write in this story throughout the year.

Ghoul Camp is a silly idea I came up with the other day. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with these stories. However, each story isn’t going to be long and I plan on going through the alphabet with these. So far I’m writing Andi the Alien’s story on how they arrive at Ghoul Camp and the events they get involved in. The idea of these stories is the camp is a place where supernatural beings can go and spend time together. So, it’s a summer camp for the children of the supernatural races.

I have no idea where this idea came from. Grins.

I also plan on writing part two of Elly of Ellyville. Once I start this, I’ll post the word count in my updates. There are also a few other ideas I may work on when I write my 1k words per day. I’ll share those during my writing updates.

I’m also working on rewriting/editing Bess and Mira’s book because its one of them I plan on having the editor help me fix over the next few months.

All right, this is everything for this week! I’ll have a new update next week!



When I first decided to publish book one of Dyalessia Games, I wasn’t sure what I was doing when it came to building a back log of books. Plus, I didn’t have the knowledge or resources to understand/pay for the type of product I’d like to deliver.

This said, I’m working with an editor for the next few months to make my current books better than the way I’ve tried to do it with editing software, a reader, and my self-editing. This means I’ve decided I may not publish any of my longer novels for the rest of the year. However, if my editor can squeeze in enough time to finish any of my short stories, I may publish these to keep my back log growing.

I’m not going to stop writing but I’m cutting back to doing my 1k words a day from Monday to Friday. These words are going to be in whatever story I’m in the mood to write because I’ll have time to finish them, get covers made, self-edit them, and send them to the paid editor during the next six months.

When next year comes, I’ll have enough finished books to publish them one after another.

Sorry if my readers are upset about this plan, but it’s something I need to do to give you a better reading experience than the one I’ve tried to do by myself.


Editing talk…

All right. I’ve managed to save enough money to spend a portion of this income to hire an editor. Over the coming weeks, I’m going to continue to run my books through the programs and the self editing I’ve been doing when I started. However, I’m also going to send these revised stories to the editor.

It is my hope this will fix most of the errors people mention when they read my stories.

Book one of Rainy’s trilogy is the current book the editor has, and it should be returned to me by the end of June. It may take me the rest of the year to complete the other books I published over the last two years.

June 9th…

I finished writing Rainy’s third book, and I plan on publishing the e-book later tonight (Sunday). Once the e-book goes live, I’ll publish the paperback version.

The prequel book is still coming along. I’ve hit 32,000 words. I’m behind on this story by 500 words, but I’m not concerned about the missing words. I might reach the goal during the rest of the time I spend writing this book.

Cleo & Petra’s second short story is progressing. I’ve hit 4,100 words out of the 10k I’d like this story to have. I need to work on more of this story to finish it by July.

This week I’m starting book two of Dyalessia Friends. Heather and Sasha have been pestering me to write their story, which means it’s time to work on this book.

I also had a silly idea over the weekend, but I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this idea. I’ll have to see where this idea takes me.

All right, this is all I have to say for this weeks update.

June 1st…

May ended before I realized the month was gone. I had a tough week because last Sunday I threw my back out, which happens about twice a year. It’s taken me all week to feel better, and my back is still aching from what happened.

Anyhow, I’m working on finishing Rainy’s third book. I have one major scene left to write, which will push my word count over the 50k words I’d like it to have. At the moment, I’m at 49k for this story.

The prequel novel is at 29,800 words. I realize I wanted to hit 30k words on this book, but the missing two hundred words doesn’t bother me much.

Cleo’s and Petra’s second short story is at 1,960 words. I have the rest of June to finish this short story, and to reach the 10k words I’d like this story to have.

I also sat down and put a short story I wrote in 2017 through another round of editing and I rewrote a lot of the passages. This means Bastet’s Daughter: Samantha Redding has been cleaned of the thousand or more thats I left in this story, not knowing at the time this was one of the words you’re supposed to try to remove. Now, I hope this story reads better than it did, much like Dyalessia Games: Alex & Christie reads as a better story because of the editing I did on this book.

I’m working on the remaining books, giving them another round of edits and converting them to the Kindle Create files, but it’s a project I won’t finish for a while.