What would you do for the person you loved?

Once she returned to Rochester after her adventure in Atlantis, Rain knew it was time to help Yuki remove the threat of the bounty hunter which plagued the fire magi. Before the two worked together to remove this problem, Lady Tethys summoned Rain to the shore of Lake Ontario to instruct her worshiper how the Greek goddess wanted Rain to seek an air elementalist and convince her to live with the three others at Seahaven.

Having the four elementalists living in the same house meant they could cast stronger spells by combining their elements together.

Although Yuki was eager to find her missing memories, the fire magi understood she needed to journey with Rain to help them find an air elementalist. Finding her missing memories would wait until they completed their task.

Izzy and Magpie worked together to free the bounty hunter from the contract to capture or kill Yuki. While they followed the steps of their plan, the two continued to meet the women living in Seahaven, which led to a conflict between the two groups.

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