Heather & Sasha


Can two rivals learn to get along when Dyalessia Games offers to join the sponsors who fund the two professional horse racers?

Working as hard as she did, Heather gained everything she dreamed about when she had a career as a professional horse racer. Heather and Shenanigans reached the top as the rider and her stallion swept into first place each time they competed. It didn’t take long for the two to earn their rewards. When Heather learned Dyalessia Games offered the same sponsorship to Sasha, she thought it was a mistake for the two to spend time together.

Sasha always felt inferior to Heather and Shenanigans. Sasha and Nonsense worked as hard as their rival, but Sasha and her stallion always came in second place when they competed against Heather and Shenanigans. Turning down the money being offered by Dyalessia Games meant Sasha needed to learn to work with her rival.

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