Rainy Days Book One and…

July has been a busy month, so I slipped my mind to post my two week updates on how my current book is going. Since I have time this weekend, here is the update post. Having reached 38k towards the 50k word count I tend to stick with for each of my books, I should have this new one done in about three weeks.

I also added new links to the paperback versions of my books on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Since I combined the first three books of Dyalessia Games into one E-book, I’ve also made a new header at the top of my web page for boxed sets.

Anyhow, I’ll be back with another book update in about two weeks. I might also have my cover for Rainy Day’s by then. If I do, I’ll post it in the first section for the new trilogy.


A year ago…

It was a year ago on July 11th when my first book for Dyalessia Games went live on Amazon. When I first published the book I spent eight months writing on and off when I found the desire to work on part of Alexandria’s and Christie’s story, and how the two would meet each other and fall in love with one another.

During the last year, I’ve learned a lot more about self-publishing compared to what I thought I knew when I released the Dyalessia Games book one. Although a year has passed, I’m still learning new things about writing my books, how to market them, and what it takes to get people to notice I have books for sale on Amazon.

As far as I know, writing my stories is something I’ll continue to do for as long as I’m able to do so. I know I have plenty of ideas, characters, scenes, worlds, etc, which I’d like to write about, so I expect I’ll publish my usual five books a year from now on.

Anyhow, this post is getting long. So I will wrap this up. I know I don’t write perfect books, but I try my best to make each book the best I can with editing, grammar, etc. Still, I’m not perfect, and I’m sure I made mistakes in the books I have for sale, and I’m also sure I’ll make mistakes in the books I plan on publishing. All I can say is I’ll try to fix those mistakes, if I feel they are problems which need fixing.

For those who have bought my books over the last year and enjoyed the stories I’ve written so far, I hope you stick around and read the other books I will publish. Knowing someone out there has read my books and is waiting to read more of what I’m writing is one of the most awesome feelings I can have as an author.

So, thank you all for taking an interest in the books I’ve written over the past year, and I have more stories to write.

The last two weeks…

It’s time for my two week update on my writing progress. With the amount of words I’ve done since my last post, I’ve hit 22k words out of the 50kish words I have as a goal for this book. Somehow along the way, I added the extra 2k words. So, at this point, I’m ahead of my writing goal.

Next week I should hit the mid-point of my new book, which means there will be five weeks left after next week to wrap this story up. By then it’ll be August, and time for one last book for the year.

I’ve already decided on what the next book will be. Here’s a teaser: The women of Dyalessia Games will return, and there will be a new story between two others who want part of their story told.