I’ve gone through my three books and my short story and gave them some heavy edits. I hope the passages are easier to read with the way I’ve removed a lot of the words which were filler words, or rewrote the passages I wasn’t happy with.

I’m closing in on finishing book two of Bastet’s Daughters. I’d like to spend the rest of the week adding more to the book as a means to wrap up the last few scenes. Then I’ll work on the edits and publish it.



Dyalessia Games: Alex & Christie was my first book I wrote and over the past six months, I’ve learned a lot since putting it up for sale.

Looking back on this book, there are parts of it I’m not happy with.

Having done some more research and having been in contact with people, I’ve learned new ways on how to edit my books.

Having said that, I’ve sent my first book through another round of edits over this past weekend, cleaning up many of the passages, revising some places in the book where I felt I fell flat on what was happening, and fixed the way I came up with the chapters, giving the book more chapters the same way I’ve done with my other two books.

The point to this post is to say, I will be releasing the new updated version to Amazon in the next day or so and I hope the book is easier to read.

With what I’ve learned over the past six months, all I can do is apologize again about all the mistakes I’ve made with this book. My other books will also be given another pass at edits, but I don’t feel they are as bad off as my first book.

I know people don’t like to hear it but as a self-published author, it took me some time to get the money to be able to afford any help towards editing and fixing my books.

All I can say is thank you for taking a chance on my books by reading them since I’m a new author, and I hope these edits will make all my current books easier to read.