Part Six

For six weeks, May has explored her relationship with Catherine after she visited Crimson Rose.

Knowing this was the last time she’d have the beginner class with those who joined her, May was sad and excited about what she might experience the longer she was with Catherine. It was time for them to learn everything they wanted to do together. Catherine hinted about giving May her collar, spending time with her at the places Crimson Rose owned or was connected with, and deepening the things they’ve enjoyed.

Catherine was eager to finish teaching the beginner class. She struggled with waiting for May to finish it and once it happened, Catherine planned to help May learn the places her desires took her. Without revealing the secret she kept, Catherine prepared the ceremony of giving May her collar, but she didn’t want it to happen until after May finished the class offered at Crimson Rose.

With their relationship changing, what they might do in the future was something both would have to learn. Neither were concerned about it since they’d do it together.

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