November 24th Update

The weekend is here, which means another update on where I am in the books I’m writing. Rainy Days book two is at 25,000 words out of the 55,000+ word goal I set for all my current books. I’m still on my goal to have this done by the end of the year or early in January.

Elly of Ellyville is coming along, but I’m still not sure about the length of this story. I guess it’ll be done when it feels like it should be. At the moment I’ve hit 13,000 words, and I still have a few ideas for what I want to include in this story.

This was my short update, so I’ll be back next week with another.



With the current week of writing on the two books I’m working on, I ended the week with 19,000 words out of the 55,000+ word goal for Rainy Days book two. I also hit 10,000 words towards Elly of Ellyville. I’m still not sure what the end word count goal will be for this book, but I’d like to hit 55,000+ for this one.

I’ve also put together my schedule for 2019, which I plan to post on my web site once I post this update. For the last few hours I also changed all of my books, adding the current reading list to the books I published in 2017 and early 2018. I also fixed a few spelling errors which slipped through. The last change I made was putting a page at the end of each book listing my social media/web links, the same way I’ve did with Dyalessia Friends: Elly & Kitty.

Okay, this is my updated post for where things stand. I’ll be back next weekend with another update!

Another week of writing…

On Friday I finished my writing, having reached 13,700 words in book two of Rainy Days. I may hit 20k by the end of this up coming week, or I’ll be close to hitting this goal.

Elly of Ellyville is also coming along, and I ended the week with6 6,900 words. I’m not sure what my word count total on this will be since it wasn’t a book I planned on writing. It may hit my 55k word goal, or maybe it’ll be shorter. I don’t know at the moment, but there’s still a lot of story to tell.

Rainy Days: Drizzle…

Thursday I worked on doing my 1,000 words in book two of Rain’s and Yuki’s trilogy, skipping the 500 words in Elly of Ellyville due to writing late. I was playing the new call of Cthulhu game instead.
Making up on what I missed on Thursday, I added 1k words to Elly of Ellyville to end my writing week at 4,000 words done in this story I had no plans to write. I also ended Rain’s and Yuki’s second book at 8,000 words done.
It doesn’t feel as if I wrote this much in this book already, but the word counts don’t lie.