Bastet’s Daughters: Unknown Dread

Welcome to the Town of Unknown.

Isabella never expected to be a leader of a pack of werewolves. As she grows into the role, she learns the struggles of living with magic as it changes the world around her. When Sheriff Margaret requests her help with finding a missing person, Isabella realizes she’s become someone everyone relies upon. She never expected Cassidy to reveal her feelings, but once her former rival does, Isabella wants a relationship with the blond woman who didn’t treat her well when they were young.

Cassidy settled into her role as a member of her werewolf pack. When magic destroys the electric grid of the Town of Unknown, she does what she can to help Isabella and David. The surprise of having a dragon daughter isn’t something she believed was possible. Ferno’s birth is another strange event during the others Cassidy deals with during the night when magic changes everything.

Being best friends with Isabella and Cassidy wasn’t easy. David was the peacekeeper between them. His role was the same as magic ravaged the Town of Unknown. However, he can’t say the same about himself as the werewolf transformation made physical and mental changes to him. The one thing he refused to allow anything to take away from him was his work at the health clinic. Tending to the animals and humans was important.

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