Melody & Sarah 2.0

What surprises would you find on a road trip?

Melody took her sister’s advice about having a vacation. With her road trip to the west coast planned, Melody invited Sarah along. Along the way, they’d strengthen their relationship, visited cities and landmarks, meeting friends they didn’t expect, and relax. Being in nature and seeing the wildlife, exploring Vegas, meeting Sarah’s parents and family, and going to the video game convention was perfect. Melody wanted her vacation, and it was time for her to take it.

Sarah didn’t expect Melody to make the request she did, but she agreed to accompany Melody across the country to the west coast. It had been a long time since she saw her parents and family, and sounded wonderful to do it with Melody. She could share her heritage with the woman she loved, revealing everything about it since it influenced who she was. Sarah agreed to come once Melody showed her the natural and settled places they’d visit, allowing Sarah to add the ones she wanted to see.

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